Flower Street loft was the old United Parcels Service (UPS) building was built in 1936 and serviced the central city of Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods for over forty years. Originally only three-stories high (Flower Street Lofts features a new fourth floor penthouse level constructed on top of the existing structure), the building was the main distribution source for all packages coming into Los Angeles, as well as the garage for their famous brown trucks. it also housed the executive offices for the West Coast division and their main accounting department.


Customers could drop off/pick up packages at the main lobby located in the southwest corner of the building, or trucks from the various suburban stations would drive into the complex through the alleyway entrance. Once inside, the packages would be unloaded onto a slide where hand sorters would take and place them on 11 various conveyor belts which distribute the packages to various parts of the building. Seven of the conveyor belts led directly to large transfer cars that would travel to their suburban stations, while the other four would lead to separate city stations where they were marked and sorted for individual delivery. The loaded cars would then leave via the two-way ramp on the north side of Flower Street.

1936-electric-package-carsFlower Street Lofts, opened in the fall of 2003, features 91 lofts with over 12 distinct floor plans, ranging from 1,188 sq-ft to 2,600 sq-ft, as well as the tallest residential ceiling heights in the area (from 14′ up to 24′ high). Generous Natural Light shines through the expansive windows which were a reflection of the original UPS building. With views East, West and North, each unit is equipped with gourmet kitchens, stone countertops, well-appointed bathrooms and state-of-the-art wiring for high speed cable modem internet access.

Building Features: Concrete and Steel Construction, Controlled Phone, Entry System, Exposed Piping and Duct Work, Landscaped Interior Courtyard, Covered and Secured Parking.


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